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Asked Questions
Sugar House

What are your hours?


We are open Tuesday-Sunday 4pm-2am. No entry after 1am

Do you offer reservations for parties and events?


Quarters does not offer reservations. We often have parties and events come through Quarters and people have a great time. We do not reserve tables since it is bar service only (no table service). If you are looking to snag some tables for your group, come in before 7pm and you should not have a problem finding space.  We have a limited menu of hot dogs and dips if you'd like some food. You are welcome to bring desserts for your party! If your group is over 50 people, we’d love if you’d send an email to to give us a heads up. 

If you are looking for a fully private event, we do rent out the bar for parties! Click here for more info!


Do you serve food?


Yes, we have personal pan pizzas and dips! 


Can someone come in that is under 21?


We have a full bar license so no one under 21 years old is allowed on the premises at any time (even for private parties).


How much do the games cost?


The games cost quarters to play. We have an ATM and change machines in the bar. If you buy too many quarters, we will buy them back from you at the bar if you’d like.


Is there a cover to get in?




Can I request that you bring in a specific game?


Yes! If you want us to keep an eye out for a particular game – send an email to We tally the requests and take them into account when we look to purchase games.

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